Fishbowl | Darlinghurst (UberEats)

Bite-sized Summary: Made to order, fully customisable sashimi salad bowls are the perfect balance of rice, protein, vegetables, crunch and sauce. Whether eaten at the restaurant or on my couch, the quality remains the same. This is what makes it my current favourite pick through UberEats! A simple concept, done exceptionally well. 

After falling in love with poke bowls during a trip to Hawaii in 2016, I was so happy when they started popping up on menus throughout Sydney. Now, I can think about having a fresh sashimi bowl then 20 minutes later it’s at my door. What a time to be alive!

IMG_9935 (1)Build your own Fishbowl

Delivered fresh to the store each morning, Fishbowl ‘Sashimi Masters’ break down the whole fish throughout the day to ensure only the finest and freshest sashimi makes it into these bowls of goodness. It’s this commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients that really makes Fishbowl shine.

Their menu allows you to pick from a ‘Fishbowl Favourite’, or fully customise and build your own delicious sashimi salad. Today, I started with a bed of sushi rice, topped with cubes of fresh salmon, radish, edamame, golden beetroot, seaweed salad (+$1.00) and coriander. To add some crunch, I opted for tobiko (fish roe) and crispy shallots and finished it all off with roasted sesame and house shoyu dressing.

IMG_9939Build your own Fishbowl

The final result is two glorious, healthy, flavoursome and undeniably fresh bowls of something that resembles a salad but is so much more. The medium size is generous, filling, and affordable at $16.90 through UberEats (I believe it is cheaper to dine in) and is something I’ll go to again and again.

I guess time will tell if poke bowls are just the latest trend to hit Sydney or if they’re here to stay, either way, Fishbowl has truly made a name for themselves and I’ll congratulate them for that. Highly recommended for your next lazy UberEats kind of day!

This post is based on several independently paid visits/orders from Fishbowl Darlinghurst.

Fishbowl Darlinghurst
298 Crown St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
0420 386 643

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