Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill | Pyrmont

Bite-sized Summary: A meat lover’s dream located in the middle of a fish market! Think melt-in-the-mouth brisket burgers and juicy beef short-ribs bursting with delicious smoky flavour fresh out of the largest custom smoker in the country.

Earlier this year, during a short and sweet eating rampage through Melbourne, I came across a modernised American BBQ joint called ‘Dexter’. We loved the southern-style, slow roasted brisket and signature hot meat doughnuts, which was honestly unlike anything we’d had before in Sydney! Upon returning home, I knew I had to find a great barbecue spot to satisfy those inevitable smoky, delicious cravings. Little did I know, it was right down the road within the bustling Sydney Fish Market, which I know so well!

Located near the entrance of the fish market carpark, I’m surprised I’ve never heard more about Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill. Maybe I’ve always been too distracted by freshly shucked oysters and sashimi to think about barbecued meat, but the tables have turned and I now wonder how often I’ll be able to pass this up.

Beef Short Rib, Brisket Snack Pack and SlawΒ 

The first time we visited Vic’s it was almost closing time on a Sunday afternoon and they had sold out of virtually everything on the menu – we said we’d take whatever they could give us! A 400g beef short rib, the weekend special beef brisket snack pack and a side of slaw which came to approximately $50, which I think is fantastic value for the amount of food we received.

A clever twist on the beloved Halal Snack Pack, Vic’s offers a layer of golden chips, fresh out of the deep frier and tossed in the perfect amount of salt and herbs, topped with juicy, tender beef brisket, chopped pickles and hot sauce. The end result is an incredibly satisfying balance of rich, smoky meat with the salty chips, pops of sour pickle and a tingle of chilli.

Beef Short Rib

We also managed to snag the very last beef short rib of the day, which weighed in at approximately 400g, and I can honestly say this is the best beef rib I’ve ever had. Soft, succulent, perfectly seasoned and carrying all those incredible smoky flavours from their 2 tonne ironbark smoker. Although the rib paired well with their hot sauce, I found the meat had so much flavour that it didn’t need it at all – I don’t come across that too often!

2nd Visit:
Despite an incredible first experience at Vic’s, we were still hanging for their beef brisket sandwich, with the words “we’re out of buns” continuing to haunt us at night. So we made our way to the fish markets once again and were the first ones through the door for lunch on ANZAC day.

Beef Brisket Sandwich Combo ($20 including chips and drink)

Made fresh to order, the beefΒ  brisket sandwich (burger?) was heavenly. We ordered as a combo and asked for half slaw and half chips, which they were happy to do. Warm toasted bun, gorgeous, soft and juicy brisket perfectly seasoned with a salt and pepper rub prior to smoking, fresh slaw and some kind of magical sauce makes for an incredibly happy me.


The Verdict
I’d very highly recommend a visit to Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill @ Sydney Fish Market and am surprised more people don’t know about it! Their food is simply delicious, comforting and surprisingly affordable American BBQ executed incredibly well. All the sides and accompaniments pair perfectly to enhance the rich, expertly smoked meats, with nothing that shouldn’t be there. Definitely one of my favourite new finds in Sydney this year.

This post is based on two independently paid visits to Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill.

Vic’s Smokehouse & Grill @ Sydney Fish Market
50-60 Bank St, Pyrmont NSW 2009
(02) 8570 8570


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