Burgers (and Breakfast!) by Josh Sneak Peek @ The Annandale Hotel

Bite-sized Summary: Summarised perfectly by a comment on one of my Instagram posts “what can Josh not do?” Having killed the burger game, BBJ now offers new menu items like Southern Fried Chicken, low n’ slow cooked, sticky pork ribs, a mean steak and soon to come BREAKFAST! Read on and be one of the first to see whats on the menu (hint: order the ChickN N’ Waffles)

Having recently launched a brand new menu, the team at Burgers by Josh don’t seem to be slowing anytime soon with news of a brunch service also around the corner. One thing’s for sure, this won’t be your typical Sydney breakfast spot and you certainly won’t find any avocado on toast or edible flowers on the menu, so buckle up and prepare your bodies for a taste of South West USA, with a touch of LA for good measure.

I visited BBJ @ The Annandale Hotel as part of FCBA (Food Critics & Bloggers Australia) in collaboration with Spooning Australia. We were treated to a feast of EPIC proportions including burgers and new menu items, as well as dishes from the upcoming breakfast service. As such, I’ve divided this post into two sections; Breakfast by Josh and Burgers by Josh. NOTE: This may be a long one so settle in with some snacks (you’ll need them) and enjoy!

Breakfast by Josh

Breakfast by Josh excites with flavours inspired by the U.S., which fits perfectly with his hugely successful Southern-style burger menu. From All-American PB&J, a homage to LA’s ‘Eggslut’, BBJ’s take on a classic Mexican breakfast and ingredients like cowboy smoked pot beans, it’s a welcome and refreshingly different addition to Sydney’s occasionally pedestrian (and often overpriced) breakfast scene.

Big Texan Breakfast

First stop on BBJ’s great American menu is Texas! Featuring Mexican influences alongside Texan barbecue, this dish was full of fresh, vibrant flavour and is sure to please any big breakfast lover. Consisting of poached eggs, grilled tomatoes, cowboy smoked pot beans, low n’ slow brisket, chorizo & potato hash and english muffins with a side of chimichurri. The Brisket was cooked to tender, juicy perfection and paired well with all of the elements.

Huevos Rancheros

A traditionally Mexican dish popular in South-Western U.S. cuisine, BBJ’s Huevos Rancheros (“rancher’s eggs”) is made up of a fried egg, rancheros puree, smoked black beans, feta, chargrilled corn and crispy tortilla strips ($18). The tortilla strips were wonderfully crispy and remained so when used to scoop up the rancheros puree, which was delicious and very flavoursome. The unconventional addition of feta added a tangy and salty element to the dish with was very tasty when paired with the sweet corn and gooey egg yolk.

Southern Fried Chicken Benedict 

Ahh the humble eggs benny! Something which seems so quintessential to any Sydney cafe menu actually originated in New York City. I love trying variations of this classic dish, with one of my all-time favourite breakfasts being a certain Lobster Benedict in Surry Hills (any guesses?) This uniquely BBJ benny consists of poached eggs served on top of their signature Southern fried chicken, green stuff (you know, those leafy things), and chipotle hollandaise sauce on toasted english muffins ($18).

IMG_2957IMG_2955IMG_2951ChickN N’ Waffles

I’m a fan of chicken and waffles. A big fan. So when I saw these on the menu, I was swooning with excitement! Featuring country-style Southern fried chicken, waffles, bourbon maple syrup and house-made pecan and bacon ice cream ($20).

First thing to note is that BBJ definitely haven’t held back on the serving sizes for all of their breakfast dishes, with this one being no exception. The waffles were perfectly crispy on the outside with a soft, warm and pillowy centre, which paired nicely with that incredible ice-cream and bourbon maple syrup.

The country-style fried chicken is incredibly crispy (I believe ‘crispy AF’ is the correct terminology used on the menu), made with a blend of 12 herbs and spices, which make it a deliciously savoury accompaniment to the waffles and ice cream. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but this was one of my favourite dishes of the day and I’d highly recommended trying it! My only criticism is that this can be quite difficult to eat considering the chicken is on the bone and this gets messy with the melting ice cream and syrup. Perhaps chicken tenders would be a better option.

Egg Slut

A homage to Eggslut in Los Angeles, which is a gourmet, fast-food concept “inspired by a true love for eggs”, BBJ offers what I believe might just be the perfect breakfast burger. Consisting of soft scrambled eggs, crispy AF bacon, caramelised onion jam, sriracha mayo and American cheese on a potato bun ($14). These perfect folds of soft, creamy scrambled eggs tasted incredible with the other ingredients, which balanced sweetness from the onion jam, salty bacon and a hint of spice from the sriracha mayo.

Burgers by Josh

With lots of new additions to the existing Southern-style burger menu, BBJ continues with a theme inspired by flavours of South West U.S.A. I was particularly interested in the ‘Le Bistro’ section; a New Orleans inspired bistro menu, which just goes to show that BBJ can do so much more than just burgers!

Lamb Ribs

From the sides menu; New Orleans low n’ slow lamb ribs, chimichurri and BBJ’s famous honey chipotle BBQ sauce ($16). Delicious, sticky and sweet, these ribs were quite fatty but full of flavour. I loved the addition of chimichurri, which provided a lovely, fresh element and just wish there was a little more!

Wings, wings, wings! 

BBJ have recently added Finger Lick’N Chick’N to the menu, with your choice of 4 different kinds of basting: buffalo, green buffalo, country-style and sweet n’ sticky (small $6, large $12). Pictured above (clockwise from left) are the country-style wings, which is a Nashville-style chicken with crunchy coating and 12 herbs and spices, the buffalo wings; Southern fried chicken smothered in house buffalo sauce made with tabasco, and the sweet n’ sticky wings; Nashville-style chicken with crunchy coating, smothered in house Jack Daniels honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

I loved how crispy and crunchy the coating was for all three options despite being drenched in sauce (and having to sit through a long photoshoot). Being a lover of spicy food, I immediately reached for those bright orange buffalo wings, which had a nice tangy flavour and a mild level of heat. The menu states that the buffalo wings are served with a blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce, which I would have loved but didn’t get the opportunity to taste today.

Le Steak

First up from BBJ’s New Orleans style bistro menu, ‘Le Steak’: 300g rump, green beans, crispy potatoes, Café de Paris butter and sticky jus ($25). Herbed and seasoned butter has got to be one of my favourite accompaniments to a good steak (see my Allegra Dining post!), and this one was no exception. Cooked to medium with a nice pink blush in the centre, I probably would have preferred mine a little more on the rare side, but it was lovely and tender nevertheless, with great flavour from the Café de Paris butter. Surprisingly, one of the favourite parts of this dish, however, were those golden, crispy potatoes! Perfectly seasoned and drizzled in that delicious sticky jus, I couldn’t get enough 😀

Memphis Pork Ribs

Just look at the shine on those ribs! Memphis style low n’ slow pork ribs, house Jack Daniels BBQ sauce basting, buttermilk slaw and thick-cut Cajun seasoned chips (full rack $35). I loved the rich, sticky and flavoursome BBQ sauce which coated those tender pork ribs and the chips underneath. Moreish, messy and oh-so-delicious.

Dirty South Pork Chop

Chargrilled pork chop with chimichurri, garlic butter chorizo smashed potatoes, bourbon and honey jus ($25). First and foremost, give me a big bowl of that garlic butter chorizo smashed potatoes, and I’ll be a very happy girl. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery goes on in Josh’s kitchen because this little accompaniment was unbelievably delicious! The pork itself was juicy, tender and married well with that sweet, sticky bourbon and honey jus.

Infamous Primo
(Clockwise from top left) J Burger, BBQ Cheeseburger, Infamous Primo, The Scorpio

Now it wouldn’t be a BBJ feast without burgers would it? I won’t write much of a review on these as I think its hard to properly judge when they’re dissected into bite sized pieces to share among a group. The pieces I did have, however, were full of juicy, delicious meat with all the toppings you could want! We were lucky to sample four of Josh’s creations:

  • J Burger – Signature wagyu beef, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, New York crinkle-cut pickles, onion, caramelised onion, roast capsicum jam, Josh’s burger spread and American mustard on a potato bun
  • BBQ Cheeseburger – Signature wagyu beef, American cheese, pickles, onion strings, mustard and house Jack Daniels honey chipotle BBQ sauce on a potato bun
  • Infamous Primo – Double signature wagyu beef, double American cheese, onion strings, South West mayo, crispy AF bacon, iceberg lettuce and jalapeños on a potato bun
  • The Scorpio – Free range chicken breast soaked in BBJ’s secret brine, buttermilk slaw, Nashville spice blend, New York crinkle-cut pickles and chipotle mayo on a potato bun.


The Verdict
After hearing a lot about Burgers by Josh, this was actually my first time sampling his creations, and to say I was surprised is a massive understatement. Packed full of punchy flavours inspired by all corners of the U.S., namely the South West, Josh has well and truly proven that he can do so much more than just burgers. Whether you’re in the mood to get a little messy with burgers, wings and sticky ribs, or you’re after a sophisticated and deliciously bold bistro-style meal, BBJ now does it all.

Josh has well and truly proven that he can do so much more than just burgers.

Launching in a couple of weeks time, I’d definitely recommend checking out Breakfast by Josh, an exciting addition to Sydney’s brunch scene, which I believe is becoming overwhelmed with highly photogenic yet mediocre dishes. No doubt, my top pick of the bunch has got to be the ChickN N’ Waffles because 1. Fried chicken and 2. Ice cream for breakfast, the end.

Eats with Marie dined as a guest of Burgers by Josh as part of FCBA. All opinions, comments and photos are 100% honest and my own.

Burgers By Josh @ The Annandale Hotel
17 Parramatta Rd, Annandale NSW 2038
0424 604 451

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