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Bite-sized Summary: Highlighting beautiful, local seafood through flavours, which work to enhance and never distract, this is a fine dining experience that hasn’t lost its focus on good food and great service. From simple and fresh to hearty and rich, The Boathouse at Blackwattle Bay showcases seafood with a remarkable passion and finesse.  

Situated a short drive from Sydney’s CBD, perched quite literally over the water, the glass-enclosed haven that is The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, offers expansive views of the Anzac Bridge and Sydney’s skyline. This once old boathouse provides a peaceful setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city; the perfect spot for a romantic date night or long boozy lunch with friends.

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Sashimi of Bluefin Tuna

For entree, we started with the sashimi of Bermagui bluefin tuna with cucumber, lemonade fruit and ponzu ($27). The striking, crimson red slices of tuna offered an extremely smooth, clean taste and texture, unlike any tuna sashimi I’ve had before. It paired wonderfully with the fresh snap of cucumber and different dimensions of citrus from fragrant yuzu and sweet lemonade fruit, which gently elevated the taste of the sashimi without overpowering in any way.

Grilled Tasmanian Octopus 

Grilled Tasmanian Octopus with potato, garlic and parsley ($27). The octopus was clearly the star of this dish; cooked to tender, delicate perfection and paired with simple elements. Although I could appreciate all the elements and enjoyed this dish, it did not particularly stand out for me. Perhaps this is down to personal preference, or the fact that the next dish was so mind-blowing that this one flew under the radar.

Incredible King Prawns!

I was astounded by the size of these Clarence River king prawns, which were about 20cm in length (!!) and full of juicy, tender meat. Butterflied and roasted with tarragon and cider butter ($27), these might just be the best prawns I’ve ever eaten, perhaps even better than several lobster dishes I’ve had! Perfectly cooked and bursting flavour from the warm, velvety tarragon and cider butter, this is a must-order when visiting The Boathouse.

these might just be the best prawns I’ve ever eaten, perhaps even better than several lobster dishes I’ve had!

Coffs Harbour Pearl Perch

Onto mains, we had the pan fried Coffs Harbour Pearl Perch with radicchio, chestnuts and burnt butter ($42). Featuring beautifully cooked, melt-in-the-mouth fish, which flaked away at the touch of a fork, and perfectly seasoned crispy skin, which tasted delicious with the other elements. Personally, I would have preferred the butter a little more burnt to bring out those delicious nutty flavours, but enjoyed this dish nevertheless.

Wellington of Patonga Sand Whiting

An innovative play on the classic beef wellington, The Boathouse offers delicate fillets of Patonga sand whiting with beautifully seasoned pine mushrooms and horseradish wrapped in a warm, buttery shell of pastry. ($44). We loved this dish!

Signature Snapper Pie

We couldn’t visit The Boathouse without trying their signature snapper pie ($48), which is prepared and served tableside with simple accompaniments of smoked tomato and mashed potato. Being truffle season, we were offered to add shavings of fresh truffle to the pie for an extra cost, however, chose to spend the money on another bottle of wine instead 😉 When the waiter cut into the pie, and gentle plumes of steam wafted from the pastry shell, we were delighted with the gorgeous aroma of truffle and were told that they had added some in for us anyway (I’m not sure, however, if perhaps the pie always has a little truffle oil).

Cooked to perfection as with every piece of seafood we sampled, immersed in a rich, creamy sauce fragrant with truffle and buttery, flakey pastry.

Inside the pie ramekin there was a fillet of beautiful snapper, cooked to perfection as with every piece of seafood we sampled, immersed in a rich, creamy sauce fragrant with truffle and buttery, flakey pastry. An absolutely stunning dish served with mashed potato, which was deliciously smooth although a little on the dry side for me, and a bright red tomato rich with smokey flavour. Another must-try dish from The Boathouse.

Sheeps Milk Pannacotta 

Choosing from the four dessert options at The Boathouse was a difficult decision as they all sounded amazing! We decided to go with the sheeps milk pannacotta with watermelon granita, strawberries and ginger ($18) dotted with delicate little flowers. The sweet and refreshing watermelon granita contrasted beautifully with the sheeps milk pannacotta, which was smooth and creamy with a slightly tangy taste, and less sweet than a classic pannacotta.

Rhubarb Sorbet

What appears to be a little macaron was actually a delicious brûlée cream, sandwiched between gorgeous, vibrant rhubarb sorbet topped with meringue flecked with basil ($18). I loved this dessert! The tart rhubarb flavour was so delicious against the rich, velvety brûlée cream and wafer-thin meringue, which melted on the tongue.


Wine ❤

We started the night with a bottle of the Egalitaire Beechworth Shiraz 2011 ($75). A relatively light-bodied, easy-drinking and fruity shiraz. Next, we had the a bottle of the Teusner ‘The Riebke’ Shiraz 2016, for which I couldn’t find on their online menu so don’t have a price to display. This was a plush, vibrant wine with a much richer, plummy flavour, which I loved!

The Verdict
A truly stunning and unpretentious fine dining experience by the water, which isn’t just pretty plates and high price tags. Using the highest quality, local produce available, a real passion for Australian seafood is undeniable at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay. Highlights include those incredible roast Clarence River king prawns with tarragon and cider butter and of course the indulgent Snapper pie with truffle. I’d also recommend trying out at least one of the desserts, which are beautiful, sophisticated and unquestionably delicious. Paired with a drink from their extensive wine and cocktail list, it’s the perfect recipe to celebrate a special occasion.

This post is based on an independently paid visit to The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay. 

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay
123 Ferry Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9518 9011

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