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Bite-sized Summary: One of my all-time favourite Sydney restaurants due to its vibrant creativity and bold approach to flavour. Almost eight years after opening its doors, Ms G’s continues to provide a fresh approach to cooking, drawing inspiration from a mishmash of flavours from various Asian cuisines. Think upmarket dining meets bubble tea cocktails, in the best way possible. 

A uniquely Australian version of Asian food, which is quirky, fun and downright delicious. For years, Ms G’s has been one of my favourite spots for its playful energy, unique cocktails and eccentric Asian dishes, courtesy of one of my favourite chefs Dan Hong.

Image via Merivale 

Marked by a small, fluorescent sign on the street, Ms G’s seems relatively quaint and unassuming from the outside. Step inside and up opens a buzzing, four-storey space lined with graffiti-covered walls, a cocktail bar and sriracha on every table. I’d highly recommend making a reservation as this venue packs out extremely fast.

Aloe Vera (top); ‘Let’s Get Tiki With It’ (bottom front), ‘Yuzu Slushee’ (bottom rear)

I don’t think I’ve been back to the same establishment and had the same cocktail as many times as I have with the ‘Aloe Vera’ ($17). A simple and strong blend of Absolut Vanilla and lemon, sweetened with a glorious, shiny puff of aloe vera foam, which tastes exactly like the aloe drink available at any Asian supermarket (i.e. the best drink ever!) Its sweet, but not sickly, refreshing, unique and perhaps one of my favourite cocktails of all time.

As far as I know, Ms G’s was also one of the first places to offer packaged cocktails, and as a Chatime addict, this really makes me more excited than I’d like to admit. On this particular occasion, I tried the ‘Let’s Get Tiki With It’ ($18); Havana Club Especial rum, fresh pineapple, Angostura Bitters, orange, lime and nata de coco jelly. Another strong and sweet blend with a lovely tropical flavour, however, I was disappointed in the lack of jelly! My friend ordered the “Don’t Lychee Me” and it was also missing the lychee pearls 😦

Also on the packaged menu is ‘Ms G’s Famous Yuzu Slushee’ ($17) made with Wyborowa vodka, yuzu juice, Regan’s orange bitters, lemon. I loved the bright and tangy yuzu flavour of this icy treat, however, it became a bit too sweet for me once it started melting.

Chicken Katsu Bánh Mì

Permanent on the starters menu is a couple of mini bánh mì options alongside their famous cheeseburger spring rolls. With a choice between chicken katsu and smoked mozzarella katsu bánh mì, we decided to opt for the classic chicken ($7.5 each). Each little roll contained juicy, tender chicken enveloped in a golden, impossibly crispy and crunchy coating with toppings inspired by traditional Vietnamese bánh mì; pickled carrot, chilli mayo and coriander. Ridiculously good. Someone make this a full-sized burger, please!

Ocean Trout Tartare

Now, there’s no going to Ms G’s without getting at least one of their raw dishes. I decided to choose something new this time around as I’ve haven’t been able to stray from the kingfish with aged ponzu and kombu for a while now (oh yes, its good). Ocean trout tartare with rendang paste, coconut, lime and taro chips ($22). The rendang paste offers megawatts of flavour and a tingle of spice, which contrasts beautifully with lots of fresh, zesty elements and the crunchy taro chips.

Chiang Mai Gyoza

Generally, I prefer gyoza to have a tender, chewy consistency, with the added crunch from the pan-fried side. Last time I dined at Ms G’s (around a month ago), the gyoza ticked all the boxes in this regard. This time around, we received a steamed version -“Chiang Mai Gyoza” with spicy pork filling & black vinegar soy dressing ($16 for 5 pcs). These juicy little parcels really packed a punch with flavour and a nice amount of heat, which paired nicely with the vinegary dressing; a classic accompaniment for steamed dumplings.

Grilled King Prawns

A new addition to the menu – grilled king prawns with sambal belacan brown butter and lime ($30). This was truly a standout dish, however, we would have liked just one more prawn so that we could’ve had two each. The prawns themselves were cooked to perfection, with tender, delicate and sweet meat that was delicious with the (mildly) spicy sambal, toasty brown butter and a squeeze of fresh lime. Whilst not butterflied, they are presented with half of the shell removed so you don’t have to mess around with pesky shells.

Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs

These tender, sticky and succulent pork ribs ($34) are just as moreish and delicious as they sound. Featuring a mouth-watering tamarind marinade, which offers that signature sweet and sour flavour and little bursts of Thai basil, which helps to balance out the richness of the ribs.

The Verdict
There’s a fun, playful energy behind the concept of Ms G’s – from the name itself, a witty poke at the controversial additive often linked to Asian cuisine, to their unabashed, irresistibly creative and eclectic approach to cooking. Judging by how busy Ms G’s continues to be almost 8 years after gracing the Sydney food scene simply confirms hospitality giant Merivale’s unique ability to create a real crowd pleaser. Easily one of the names that springs to mind when I consider my favourite restaurant in Sydney, if you haven’t yet tried Ms G’s…what are you waiting for?!

This post is based on several independently paid visits to Ms G’s.

Ms G’s
155 Victoria St, Potts Point NSW 2011
(02) 9114 7342

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