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Bite-sized Summary: Ridiculously beautiful plates of food executed with fine-dining techniques in a minimalist yet striking interior. Edition’s unique Scandinavian-Japanese fusion menu offers meticulously garnished dishes like the butter poached prawns, effortlessly alongside comforting banana bread, house cured bacon and egg rolls and those spectacular soufflé pancakes. 

Located on the corner of Sydney’s newest food precinct, Steam Mill lane, is Edition’s second venture by the same name. Having never actually been to the original Scandi-Japanese cafe in Darlinghurst, this was an entirely new experience for me, and to say it was unique is an understatement in itself.

Surrounded entirely by matte, charcoal black walls, the space features in-ground seating, dark timber beams and stone benchtops. Inspired by a traditional Japanese farmhouse, the inky, minimalist interiors are enthralling and unlike any other cafe in Sydney.

Miso Banana Bread

Despite a brief obsession with hot, toasty banana bread laden with melted butter during my final year of high school, I’ve hardly had it since. Jazzed up with a silky dollop of yuzu curd, this classic cafe treat with a miso twist was a delicious and light option. As opposed to traditional banana bread, which is moist, dense and strong in flavour, Edition’s version was a little lighter, a little more airy and subtle in taste. Although the miso element was not prominent for me, the yuzu curd made up for lost flavour tenfold; a delightful balancing act between sweet and sour with a gorgeous, smooth texture.

Butter Poached Prawns

Theres only one other cafe that comes to mind when considering brunch with a fine-dining level of sophistication (can you guess what it is?), and judging by the popularity of both, I think it’s safe to assume the champagne taste of many Sydneysiders. And, if it is fine-dining that you’re after, don’t go past the butter poached prawns with apple and pearl senbei ($15), a dish that would fit very comfortably on any degustation menu.

The tender, almost creamy chunks of butter poached prawns are outrageously delicious. Paired with added texture from the light, puffed rice crackers and tobiko, its a beautifully refined dish without the hefty price tag. Consistent with the fine-dining theme, however, is the portion size. Gone within a few bites, it won’t satisfy a hungry belly on its own so I’d recommend ordering this along with something else.

Japanese Soufflé Pancake

To accomodate the bustling area populated mainly by corporate workers and students, there are lots of takeaway and easy-eating options available, like the pork katsu burger with pickled slaw, or the house cured bacon and egg on milk bun. Right at the bottom of the menu, however, the Japanese soufflé pancake with strawberries and cream ($20) awaits the long bruncher with a 20-minute wait time to spare.

Egg whites are whipped into glossy meringue and folded through pancake batter to create the signature pillowy-soft breakfast dish so popular in Japan. Edition’s version perfectly features that light, airy texture with a sweet, delicate and slightly eggy flavour. Together with a remarkably smooth dollop of vanilla cream ganache and fresh-cut strawberries, it’s luxurious, delicious and well worth the wait.

The Verdict
The brilliantly executed use of techniques and concepts normally reserved for degustation menus, alongside their unrivalled Scando-Japanese fusion is perhaps at the core of Edition’s popularity. Despite small portion sizes, the prices are fair, keeping in mind the amount of work and technique involved creating such a boldly unique and memorable dining experience.

Despite small portion sizes, the prices are fair, keeping in mind the amount of work and technique involved creating such a boldly unique and memorable dining experience.

Together with all the new additions along Steam Mill lane, they make for a welcome addition to the otherwise slick corporate landscape.

Must-Try: Japanese soufflé pancake

This post is based on an independently paid visit to Edition Coffee Roasters, Haymarket.

Edition Coffee Roasters @ Steam Mill Lane
60 Darling Drive, Haymarket NSW 2000

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