Pillar of Salt | Richmond

On a stretch of Church Street heavily populated by top-end furniture stores showcasing plush lounges and sparkling chandeliers, Pillar of Salt maintains a rustic, warm atmosphere, which is bustling with energy. Exposed brick walls contrast with large, black window frames, which open up onto the street providing an exceptional perch for people watching dog spotting on lazy Sunday mornings. With touches of lush greenery and a glowing neon sign that reads “I’d rather live full than die hungry”, the place is full of character and charm.

IMG_8365 (1).jpg
Green Juice ($8.00)

In an attempt to cleanse ourselves from last nights bar hopping adventure down Flinders Lane (stay tuned for a blog post), we immediately flipped to the fresh juices selection, pointing out the greenest of them all. Despite a not-so-green hue, the blend of pineapple, celery, apple, kale, lemon, ginger and mint was delicious and refreshing with a zingy hit of sourness from the citrus.

15th Century Cilbir Eggs ($17)

When perusing the menus of venues we wanted to visit during our weekend in Melbourne, Pillar of Salt stood out primarily due to mention of ‘sujuk’. Similar to chorizo (but exponentially better in my opinion), sujuk is a Turkish cured sausage packed with various spices. Commonly served with eggs for breakfast, sujuk features in one of our all-time favourite breakfast dishes from Circa Espresso, Parramatta, so we knew Pillar of Salt was onto something good.

The ’15th Century Cilbir Eggs’ consists of a creamy and tangy garlic labne, which is freshened up by chopped herbs and injected with vibrant ribbons of smoked paprika and cumin burnt butter sauce. Together with two perfectly poached eggs, thick slices of flavoursome sujuk and a generous portion of toasted Turkish bread, this is one of the best brunch dishes we’ve had in Melbourne. Very highly recommended and a must-try at Pillar of Salt!

Buttermilk Pancake Stack ($20)

I’m not usually one for sweet breakfast dishes but I couldn’t go past this heavenly (and generous!) stack of oh-so-fluffy buttermilk pancakes, layered with smashed strawberries and drizzled in a sweet matcha and white chocolate ganache. Fragrant lemon myrtle crumble and a fried ramen ribbon add texture, whilst a healthy dollop of smooth crème fraîche and fresh stawberries toned down the overall sweetness. Up there with Flour Drum’s Banoffee Pancakes these are some of my favourite pancakes — ever!

The Verdict

The kind of eatery that makes me consider the move to Melbourne. Pillar of Salt’s menu is dotted with influences from around the world where Japanese matcha pancakes and eggs with Turkish sausage mingle with a Greek breakfast board, Korean bibimbap, Italian linguine and Malaysian duck roti. Confused? Perhaps. Brilliant? Absolutely! Paired with friendly service and a warm, homely atmosphere, the dishes we sampled were incredibly delicious — I’ll be back for sure.

This post is based on an independently paid visit to Pillar of Salt.

Pillar of Salt
541 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9421 1550

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