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Tucked behind Military Road, on a cosy alleyway strip in Mosman, food at The Mews is something truly special. Artfully presented dishes adorned with edible petals and delicate green tendrils serve a much greater purpose than simply looking good when framed in Instagram — they showcase exceptional technique, thoughtful attention to detail and modern Australian flavours and ingredients with a distinctly Asian influence.

At first glance, the menu is filled with the usual cafe suspects – granola, smashed avo, eggs benedict and a ricotta hotcake. Look closer and you’ll notice a burst of yuzu gel, a drizzle of lemon garlic balsamic, hollandaise speckled with nori and lashings of black sesame caramel. These elements add so much unique dimension and pure deliciousness that it shames regular avo on toast into hiding.

Mews Granola ($16)

On a grey, drizzly day in Sydney, our table at the Mews felt like it had been colour-graded to perfection. Take the Mews Granola for instance — a perfectly formed disk of blended avocado, banana, coconut and maple layered with toasty house-baked granola, which is full of crunch and chewy bits, fresh, seasonal berries and a fragrant yuzu gel. Granola is never going to be my first choice, however, this sophisticated take on a smoothie bowl ticked all the boxes for a light, wholesome breakfast.

IMG_6742 2.jpgIMG_6708
Pumpkin Garden 2.0 ($18)

The kind of dish that makes me question my carnivorous ways (that is until the steak sandwich landed at the table), the pumpkin garden 2.0 was surprisingly one of my favourite dishes of the day. Plated with precision whilst maintaining an earthy, “forest floor” appearance, pumpkin garden is comprised of roasted pumpkin, soft puffs of pumpkin puree, a vibrant pomegranate gel, green-tinged roasted cauliflower, pistachio dukkah, crouton and spiced bread crust on a flower bed of spinach hummus. How chef Ryan has managed to make pumpkin taste so damn good is beyond me! The medley of flavours and textures together with the pomegranate gel and nutty, spiced dukkah works to accentuate the delightful sweetness of the roasted pumpkin.

IMG_6698 2IMG_6744 2
Crabs in Black ($22)

Next up, the striking Crabs in Black with spanner crab meat, charred corn, ponzu, finger lime, whipped caviar, fried egg with a runny yolk, soft shell crab and tempura ice plant over an abstract splatter of Jackson Pollock-esque black aioli. To me, food is art, and this dish epitomises that in a more-than-literal way — but (really, really good) looks aside, I loved how this wasn’t just another soft shell crab burger. The creamy, spanner crab and corn mixture, which thankfully had texture, rather than being whipped to a mousse-like consistency, was decadent and delicious with the zingy ponzu and bursts of finger lime.

IMG_6715 2.jpg
Smoked Salmon Benedict ($20)

Award for the prettiest benedict goes to this crown of smoked salmon studded with pomegranate jewels, atop a spinach blini with avocado, charred corn salsa, caviar, bright, citrusy yuzu and two poached eggs. What really sets this dish apart for me, is the creamy, rich hollandaise blitzed with umami flavour lent from the addition of nori, together with that pillow-soft spinach blini.

Hen ($22)

A new addition to The Mews’ Spring menu is ‘Hen’ with juicy chicken, smoked potato, tempura shimeji mushrooms, romesco sauce, which is made from roasted capsicum and nuts, fried enoki and furikake ash. I found the chicken a little bland on its own, however, with the romesco sauce and the umami flavour bomb that is assorted mushrooms with furikake, it was a pleasant dish. Not my favourite out of personal preference but a unique brunch offering that’s well worth trying.

peA_Corn Fritters ($19)

Then there’s the beautiful ‘peA_Corn Fritters’ — a whimsical garden of pastel colours, feathery herbs and soft wildflowers. Served with chilli broccolini salsa, smashed avo, a runny poached egg, tomato relish, whipped goats curd and tempura ice plant, this is another breakfast menu cliché given a fairytale-ish enhancement. The flavoursome salsa, tomato relish and addition of green peas provide added texture and flavour to a normally one-dimensional dish.

Grilled Haloumi Stack ($18)

I know, I know — how do they make everything look so beautiful?! The Grilled Haloumi Stack is just another cafe classic reinvented with a little bit of The Mews’ magic. Featuring wonderfully soft, golden slices of grilled haloumi, generously shrouded with spiced eggplant, blistered heirloom tomatoes, warm cubes of oven-baked kipfler potato, coriander, ripe, vibrant tomato relish and a perfectly poached egg. I love the addition of spiced eggplant, which really packs a savoury punch of warming, delicious flavour.

Mews Open Steak Sandoitchi ($24)

For many in our group, the steak sandwich was their dish of the day. Personally, I loved the pumpkin garden but this definitely teeters on the edge of 1st place. Served open-style on a potato bun, the Mews Open Steak Sandoitchi is a generous, towering stack featuring an incredibly juicy(yyyyyy) and flavoursome grain-fed rib eye fillet served on the rarer side of medium-rare. Together with a runny fried egg perched upon layers of sauteed asian mushrooms in miso, crispy onion rings, wild baby rocket, punchy tomato relish, melted cheese, nori and roasted sesame aioli – this was absolutely one of the best steak sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommended.

Lavender Infused Hotcake ($17)

And finally, the good-looking dial was turned way up for The Mews’ lavender infused hotcakes, which were presented two different ways for our blogger event. Thicker than a pancake, these light and fluffy hotcakes had a gorgeous, golden amber colour, which was striking against the whipped matcha ricotta and delightfully sticky black sesame caramel. Layered with koshian (smooth red bean paste), chocolate biscuit crumbs, fresh berries and pastel coloured Persian fairy floss, this is one of my favourite hotcakes to date.



The Mews also offers a range of drinks from coffees to fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes and even beer and wine from 10 am. I actually forgot to snap a photo of my drink — the ‘Green Peace’ smoothie, which you may spot in the background of my food photos in all of its bright green glory. The blend of organic spirulina, kale, baby spinach, avocado, banana and coconut water was the perfect vibrant green hue and a good consistency, however, tasted like banana and nothing else 😦 I’d recommend going with a coffee or a fruity smoothie instead.


The Verdict

Perhaps one of the most beautiful brunch spreads I’ve had in a while, the new Spring menu at The Mews is an absolute delight. Whimsical plates, which are consistently delicious and full of flavour make this one of my new favourite breakfast spots. Highlights (as if I can choose), were the Pumpkin Garden 2.0, the Grilled Haloumi Stack, the Steak Sandoitchi and the Lavender Infused Hotcake.

Eats with Marie dined as a guest of The Mews Mosman and FCBA. All opinions, comments and photos are 100% honest and my own.

The Mews Mosman
Shop 4/3-5 Myahgah Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
(02) 9969 8973

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