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Umi Sushi & Bar echoes downtown Tokyo with its metal grates and bright red neon signs. With an extensive menu covering every kind of sushi roll, nigiri and gunkan imaginable, this is one of the best spots for fresh sushi and sashimi in the CBD.

Like it’s little sister Umi Sushi Express on George Street, flagship restaurant Umi Sushi & Bar echoes downtown Tokyo with its metal grates and bright red neon signs. Previously Umi-Kaiten Zushi, the refurbished space offers a modern dining and entertainment space with booths and private rooms for parties, meetings and functions. What hasn’t changed, however, is Umi’s passion for the art of sushi and sashimi with their ample menu covering every kind of sushi roll, nigiri and gunkan imaginable in addition to live seafood, yakitori (grilled skewers), hot pot and udon.

Umi Sushi & Sashimi Boat – Purple Soft Shell Crab Roll
Chef’s Selection of Seared Deluxe Sushi
Kingfish Carpaccio with Lemon & Sesame Soy Dressing
Umi Chirashi Waffle Cone Spicy Tuna, Salmon and Yuzu Cream
Smoked Chutoro with Hickory Wood 

Served in a large boat complete with a mist of dry ice, this special sushi and sashimi boat showcased some individual dishes available throughout their menu. We loved the overall freshness of the seafood on offer and particularly enjoyed the unique purple soft shell crab roll with avocado, pickled purple cabbage, fresh green chilli and spicy sauce.

Japanese Omelette

Although our menu stated mentaiko omelette, I’m quite sure this was just a regular Japanese omelette, which was delicately sweet with a fluffy texture.

Truffle Cabbage

A very unique and interesting vegetable offering was the oven-baked truffle cabbage with truffle and citrus soy sauce. With its pleasant, slightly charred flavour and a heady truffle aroma and flavour, this is definitely not one to miss for truffle lovers!

Wagyu Steak
Ox Tongue

Marking the first of two courses showcasing wagyu was the ox tongue and wagyu platter. While ox tongue can often be tough and rubbery, Umi’s version was tender with a slight chew to it and a wonderfully rich, savoury flavour. Although the wagyu was cooked a little further than I usually prefer, the meat was juicy and undeniably delicious.

Soy Milk Seafood Hot Pot with Premium Wagyu Beef

One of my favourite dishes of the night, after the sushi and sashimi boat (if you can count that as one dish) was the soy milk seafood hot pot with premium wagyu beef and udon noodles. Personally, I love the taste of soy milk and enjoyed the slightly creamy nuttiness it added to the flavour of the broth together with the fresh mushrooms, tofu, scallops, crab legs, mussels and vegetables. The real star of this dish, however, was the thinly sliced premium wagyu beef, which was full of delicate marbling. After cooking briefly in the hot pot broth, it was melt-in-the-mouth tender and so delicious! Highly recommended.

Chef’s Selection Dessert Platter

Consisting of two scoops of ice cream, a matcha lava cake and a piece of Japanese cheesecake, the chef’s selection platter was a sweet finish to our feast. The green tea and black sesame ice cream lacked depth and richness that these flavours are normally associated with, however, thankfully this was not the case for the matcha lava cake. Warm with a smooth, molten centre, this dessert perfectly balanced earthy, rich matcha flavour with enough sweetness to mellow it out.

The Verdict

Catering for casual catchups over sushi or client lunches over a magnificent sashimi boat, this modern Japanese venue offers some of the freshest and most thoughtfully prepared sushi and sashimi in the Sydney CBD area. In addition to sushi and sashimi, I’d also highly recommend the soy milk seafood hot pot and the matcha lava cake for dessert.

Free Dessert?

If you’d like to dine at Umi Sushi & Bar, a.k.a. sushi heaven, feel free to book online using my affiliate link here and you’ll receive a free dessert of the day! Please note: a small monetary amount goes to me, which helps keep this blog going. Thank you! 

Thank you to the team at Umi Sushi and Washoku Lovers! Eats with Marie dined as a guest. All opinions, comments and photos are 100% honest and my own. 

Umi Sushi & Bar
Shop 1&2/477 LG Floor, Pitt Street, Haymarket 2000
(02) 9281 2006

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